Volunteer Opportunities

You can help the Trust with some of its current projects, and at the same time learn about the work we do. Remember, you can take tax deductions for some of your expenses as a volunteer, like driving mileage (but not time or meals).

Help Digitize the Clipping Collection

We are putting years of unsorted newspaper cilppings on the computer in searchable form, for use by the world and by us in preservation research and writing projects. We have small, hand-held scanners that you can use at home or in our office, on a schedule of your choice.

Staffing Conference Tables and Selling Books

This is a way to raise public awareness of the Trust and its activities. volunteers may be able to use free conference passes. Good chance to network and expand your preservation horizons.

If you have some available time and would like to volunteer with us, call (973) 267-4717, or email us at the Morris County Trust for Historic Preservation.



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