Geographic Areas Served

According to its incorporation documents, the Morris County Trust for Historic Preservation has no limits to the geographic area of its interest. In practice, we have worked all over northern New Jersey. We've wconsulted with towns in Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Sussex, Union, and Warren, although of course most of our projects are in Morris County. We've also been seriously involved with the Regional Master Plan developed by the Highlands Council. Currently we are concerned about the impact on cultural resources of the Susquehanna-Roseland electric corridor plans and several other energy corridors.

Town Counseling

The name is a joke (get it?), but the work is one of the most important things we do. For example, a group in a town wants to explore the possibility of establishing a historic preservation commission. We will visit them as often as they like, explain legal issues, consider their unique political conditions, and help to develop a strategy for success tailored to that community. Sometimes the problem is an existing commission that needs reinvigorating, or maybe it wants to catch up on the rules and practices of the preservation field. Sometimes the local historical society wants to start things moving toward commission formation.

Assistance for Historic Building Owners

Are you wondering about an authentic color scheme for your 19th-century house? The choice is yours, but there are sources (not chips from modern paint companies) to show you what the authentic practices were at the time. Placement was the key; we can talk with you about what that meant.

Or are you looking at a historic beauty for your own, wondering whether itís a reasonable investment, how much of the original material is still in place. We can share the experiences of other owners, and lead you to the right advisers. Just give us a call at (973) 267-4717, or email us at the Morris County Trust for Historic Preservation. There is no charge for our service.


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